Valley 4071

Model: 4071

Serial Number: 22971
Hours: Unknown
Price: $15,000.00

Stock #: 1908-Y




Towers: 12 Towers


Total Length: 1537.18 ft (468.53 m)


Spans: 12-6 5/8" spans @ 126.69 ft (38.61 m) @ 10 Ft spacing with 16 ft (4.87 m) overhang.  All spans are galvanized pipe.


Electrical: Low psi shut off, temp kill, auto restart.  Valley Red 4071 panel.

Drivetrain: Valley 52:1 gearboxes, all US 1 HP upright but 1-US Helical centerdrives.  All Valley u-joints with driveline covers.  Three sets of 11.2 x 38 tires in good condition, the rest are 14.9 x 24" in fair to good condition.  

Sprinklers:  Spans 2-11 have boombacks at towers, galvanized MXF goosenecks, truss rod level polydrops, Senninger 20 & 15 psi all flow regulators, Senninger LDN's, single P85 end gun.

Structure: Span structure is in good condition; clean, span arch is average.

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