1983 T&L


Model: 865

Serial Number: 4594
Hours: Unknown
Price: $12,380.00

Stock #: 1220-Y



Towers: 8 Towers


Total Length: 1280.8 ft. (390.3 m)


Spans: 8 spans @158.0 ft (48.1 m) with 16.0 ft (4.87 m) overhang.  All spans are 6 5/8" galvanized pipe with 9.83 ft spacing.

Electrical: 15 HP electric motor on hydraulic pump; includes panel.  Hydraulic oil collector ring.


Drivetrain: TL Planetary drive wheel gearboxes.  Mostly original 10.00 x 22.5" retread tires on painted rims; mostly in fair condition.


Sprinklers: Nelson A-3000 Accelerators on Nelson 10 psi LF pressure regulators on spans 1-3; and Nelson R-30 Rotators on Senninger 15 psi MF regulators on the remainder.  Truss rod level +1' poly drops on galvanized goosenecks @ 9.83' spacing.  Currently NO end gun, but does have the 2" Aquamatic EGSO valve.  Nozzled for 550 GPM @ 36 psi.


Structure: System structure is in excellent condition; NO RUST inside or out; good arch.


Other Options: Also has extending pivot connection assembly with about 3 different length options.

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