1983 Lockwood

Model: 2200

Serial Number: 833676
Hours: Unknown
Price: $9,500.00

Stock #: 1617-W




Towers: 9 Towers


Total Length: 1286.4 ft (392.1 m)


Spans: 1 span @ 84.2 ft (25.6 m) and 8 spans @ 147.3 ft (44.8 m) with 21.0 ft (6.4 m) overhang.  All spans are 6 5/8" galvanized pipe.


Electrical: Lockwood Circuit Rider.   Lockwood tower boxes.

Drivetrain: Mostly UMC 50:1 with a couple of Reinke and T&L gearboxes. Mostly Franklin Electric 1 HP upright with two UMC 40:1 center drive motors.  

Older driveshafts with mostly universal u-joints. 

8 towers have 11R X 22.5 tires in fair condition and 1 tower has 11.2 X 24 tires in fair condition.

Sprinklers:  System is equipped with Senninger LDN spray nozzles on Senninger 15 PSI pressure regulators on galvanized drops and goosenecks. 

Last position is equipped with a SR100 end gun.


Structure: Span structure is in good condition; clean, span arch is average.

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